Garrys Mod is one of the most creative games to date, as each server you join is unique, there are tons of different game modes, and there is always something different to do.

As such, we’ve been working on a custom server for a little while, the above image is a small sneak-peek at what we’ve spent time on! (other than the website itself)

Garry’s Mod was released back in 2004, and has been a pretty big success ever since. It has featured plugins like Wiremod where you can quite literally program Lua in-game and have functions of scripts play out. (IE: A floating disc that you can sit on and control)

There have been countless famous game modes as well:


DarkRP was created as a modification to the long-since abandoned LightRP, as a easier-to-modify alternative. It’s active development has changed hands a number of times, but for the past couple of years it has been maintained primarily by Falco or FPtje as he is more commonly known by online. This game mode is a non-serious role-play game mode, where players often build large bases to protect themselves and various entities that can produce money. Players are often given the means to “raid” other players by breaking into their homes/bases and either stealing or destroying valuable entities. This game mode features jobs (or roles) such as police, gangsters, citizens, and gun dealers (a kind of merchant), and is arguably the most popular game mode of Garry’s Mod to date.

Clockwork: Half-Life 2 RP:

Clockwork: Half-Life 2 RP or CW: HL2RP for short is a serious role play game mode based around life for citizens in the Half-Life 2 story line. Players create a character with a brief description of their “appearance” and simply roam the streets, attempting to survive under the combine rule. Players can be promoted to civil protection, and often are required to be brutal to citizens. Popular a few years back, this game mode has seen better days. HL2RP uses the Clockwork base and is maintained by Cloud Sixteen, and is a premium game mode that must be purchased before hosting any sort of server.

Star Wars RP:

Star Wars RP is a collection of different Star Wars themed Military RP game modes, usually set in various arcs of the Star Wars canon. They became popular in late 2015 when Star Wars Episode 7 came out in theaters. The most common arc for these kinds of game modes is the Clone Wars era, and players will take on the role of a clone fighting droids/sith/etc. Virtually identical to the Military RP game mode, except Star Wars.

In summary, the game is quite wacky, and fun, and attracts cancerous personalities along with creative ones.