There is a lot to be said for the amount of games with gaming developers that offer micro-transactions lately. I am unsure of how this trend spawned; perhaps it was a new generation of gamers who grew up with Tablets and Mobile Devices and purchased apps, or got free apps, that would be littered with micro-transactions, or some sort of pay to win feature. This re-occurs in nearly every video game’s business model, regardless of nearly every developer. (aside from indie developers, it seems)

While all is fine and dandy from a business standpoint, games are being released half-baked, or barely finished at all. Take No Man’s Lie for example:

They have released updates that include some rather irrelevant base building mechanics (since the entire point of the game is was to keep exploring further and further) it still doesn’t seem worth it’s sixty dollars price-tag at all. Gaming developers would begin to recognize the importance of a better business model, and the need for less misleading advertising if we’d boycott with our wallets.

Even Bethesda has released paid mods for games lately, which isn’t so bad, if the mods weren’t so lackluster and expensive; you can get much better free mods on PC. There’s a lot of paid mod services out there who don’t restrict content either, like Nexusmods, and some of the other websites that procure them.

I’m sure it may turn around at some point, but as it seems, there will be no end to this trend of micro-transactions, remakes, and half-finished games. We’re all pretty tired of sub-par products and unfinished games by this point i’m sure. There is absolutely no reason for this shift in the industry to have occured; other than greed. If gaming developers never lost their greed-streaks, i’d be surely unsurprised. Money corrupts everything.

The fuck is money grubbing? (1)

Image Source: We Know Memes