Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord – The ultimate medieval game!

The most bad ass medieval franchise to date is getting a huge update. I wish there was a release date, because I’ve played Mount and Blade since I was much younger. This installment to the series offers some pretty breath-taking graphics (dat grass), and MANY improvements to the games as a whole. There will perhaps be DLC, but i’d put my money where my mouth is when it comes to Tale Worlds’ Mount and Blade.

Tale Worlds had a bit of a struggle with piracy with their original game platform, as it was easy to crack a simple algorithm and generate keys. There are even youtube videos still up with free original Mount & Blade keys. (Serial keys that allow you to download the full original Mount & Blade game)

With that being said, piracy is an usually issue due to many developers’ business models, or some sort of incomplete game that has purchasable DLC that comes WITH their brand new game. I’d like to believe for this game, it was because it was so good. Maybe you aren’t into medieval stuff, but this game will probably still interest you quite a bit. Mount and Blade has always had a level of unquestionable depth! (with mods) and can be the ultimate medieval experience. Plus, there’s no micro-transactions! I’ll leave some content below for you to decide.


ArcadeKnight’s Video on ten new additions to the sequel:

some gameplay:

It’s looking ultra pretty:

There has been no other game that can even stack up to Mount and Blade in terms of scope, play-ability, and fun in the medieval genre. I’m ultra excited to see it roll out onto Steam so I can properly stuff my money down a developer’s throat. If anyone can deliver you a grand medieval experience, with all the bells and whistles in your combat and your environment, it’s Tale Worlds!

Image(s) Source: Tale Worlds