To answer bluntly: Yes, it does.

In most productions nowadays for TV shows, movies, anime, video games, etc, there is a trend: The music content sucks, maaan. It’s either so cliche, and generic that it doesn’t quite fit the theme of the production, or it’s extremely good. There is usually no in-between. For someone to have a good project for content creation, it requires fitting music.

This music is much older, but this is an example of music that fits perfectly well. DragonBallZ Super should be using Bruce Faulkner tracks for sure. Although I cannot post episodes of DB Super directly, I can atleast show you the soundtrack and remastered movie as made available by these channels:

Original Dragon Ball Super Soundtrack:

Dragon Ball Z’s, Bruce Faulkner Soundtrack:

I implore you to watch the video(s) above, it is quite cool to see the difference made by a change in music production.

Any time I hear the Dragon Ball Super music, (although some of it is quite good, there is no denying that) I feel as if it does not fit into the show. (much like most of the cliche anime themes they added to Dragon Ball to make it mainstream and likable by an eight year old in any country)

The Bruce Faulkner tracks not only keep you interested, but they do not rob of you of the impressions you should be getting when you first watch DB Super, and it does not take away from the dialogue, the scenes, or the over-all feeling of the show. In-fact it enhances it in every way.

There is nothing better than good music in any production, it will set the over-all feeling of your creation, and will definitely be good for setting moods, HEIGHTENING comedic value, or even driving a point across.

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