There is no shortage of information on the Internet!


I enjoy articles more than the next person, and not because I hold them all in such high regard, as to put them on a silver platter, but to hear ones thoughts and opinions in some form is always interesting to me, regardless of who they may be. Bigots and weird people in-general included.

That’s why I’ve put articles on the bottom of the screen (blogs included) that I find interesting, and that are released in real-time using RSS.


What is this site you’ve made, dude?


Since I’ve started this site, I’ve shifted my focus into a few things: Gaming Servers, Content Creation/Featuring (of any kind), Making music for myself, furthering this site onto something much better, and perhaps even selling a product at some point.

I suppose you could call this website/blog a place for me to help people get exposure, to make creations, and to share content with one another. I also love to be a part of that process! I’m hoping to add even more to this site, and to integrate the forums so that it is seamless. (That will be a while.)

Content featuring should be the bread and butter of this community! No matter what it is! We’ll advertise you in a few places as we set up our pages! Kilroy will be making his own content to feature on the site soon as well, so it’ll serve as a good example, if you have not already checked out the Featured Content page.

Visit the Forum for a place to talk to others. You’ll have to register there as well, but it is a quick process. We hope you enjoy the community!

I’ve done so many modifications to the site, and put quite a lot of effort in! Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the Newsletter for content delivered to your Email.


Can I write blogs here?

Of course you can! Just contact me on WordPress or shoot me an email on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Questions are always good as well, so send me questions and concerns if you have any.


Contact Kilroy for content featuring!

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