From bids as high as $4,050 for a jug of dipping sauce, to angry neckbeards and weaboos fighting in a Mcdonald’s line; we have now seen it all.

There really is no excuse for the recent human behavior displayed at several of McDonald’s fast food enterprise locations. An event that occured on October 9th, 2017 that even many celebrities participated in!

deadmau5 with Szechuan Sauce

What started as a simple joke on the popular TV Series: Rick and Morty, turned out to be a crazy real life event with some absolute profit to be made. With nearly every McDonald’s selling out of the sauce, (and online auctions that probably exceeded what we’ve projected) there is something to be said for combining marketing with the Mainstream Media crazes and trends.

You can see what really launched this marketing campaign here:

There’s many instances of violence that broke out, and you can find them all on social media, or if you search around. It is quite evident that the fans of Rick and Morty that participated in the violence over a dipping sauce- truly did not understand the meaning of the very thing they were viewing.


If there is anything you can take away from this: It’s that you should chill out, and not riot over a dipping sauce; however effective it may be at making it permanent. There is no doubt the power of numbers (and obviously supply and demand) can have on the mindset of both the people who go to purchase something, and the mindset of the business owner.  McDonald’s was also completely under-stocked and over-whelmed for such an event, and probably did not expect such a turn-out.

Let us know what you think of these crazy trends in the comments below. Keep in mind that it’s a joke, even though these people clearly did not understand that.