Youtube demonetizing is bad for us all!

Youtube demonetization would be nothing short of a complete disaster for the service, and it has already happened. Ah Youtube, ever so faithfully, and predictably, you find another way to screw yourself out of a loyal following, and have shown us the true extent of laziness and greed, from the skeeviness of Youtube Heroes; (literal Nazis/Trolls being allowed to police other people’s content, whom they do not know) Youtube has taken the piss from content creators time and time again, and ad revenue was one of the few things that had such a positive impact on the experience in-general. Without revenue, most channels would not thrive. There is always something to be said for giving incentive to creators to create something. There seems to be no end to the amount of videos complaining about this very issue, as it is such a wide spread one, with lots of big-named Youtubers also losing out on ad revenue, and even channels that have nothing violent, or are kid friendly, are reportedly also being flagged to be completely demonetized.

Content Creators are pissed

Of course in the wake of this massive demonetization party, and wave of false reporting/flagging videos thanks to Youtube Nazis, we have a massive component of the community that is understandably upset at all of the circumstances provided to them, and obviously they feel as if their time could be used much more effectively in other pursuits. Feeling cheated is probably the first thing that will come to you if you are affected by this massive change in Youtube’s Ad Policy.


CaseyNeistat on being demonetized:


It helps to have an opinion that isn’t as passionate or full of energy, but rather: logic. Hank’s take on the demonetization scandal:




What can you do to help stop this bullshit?

It’s simple: boycott Youtube for a bit, sign a petition, or just quite simply email them. (or give some Youtuber a pat on the back I suppose) Until things have changed radically, we don’t see Youtube changing their ad policies anytime soon considering they have just implemented such strict constraints on content creators. In-fact, this algorithm seems so powerful, it even dishes out damage to channels that should be completely unaffected, perhaps with some sort of keyword in filenames, or a certain type of thumbnail not being permitted, or some sort of audio getting the content flagged; It is not clear what is causing this massive surge of demonetization.

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