Don’t cry just yet, this new Net Neutrality bill still has yet to pass through a Congressional vote.

The Internet is a wonderul place, we wouldn’t have vast swathes of information to be found in all nooks and crannies, and we certainly wouldn’t have as many places to seek out creative ideas or inspiration without Net Neutrality. The Internet is a vast ocean of many things, but there has always been one consistent thing about it.

It was open, fast, and using your favorite services was free. Rich people couldn’t throttle your data; Basically- it will slow it down to nothing, prepare for 144p Youtube video viewing- if you don’t pay twenty more dollars this month for 1080p Youtube streaming, since perhaps your ISP is a competing company.


I don’t think ANY BODY is truly okay with this. Only the corrupt people looming above are. (or shills)


Ashit Pai has truly succeeded in garnering the most hatred against any human being ever, even fully posturing and joking about being bought out by Verizon, even though he is the chairman of the FCC. If this does not scream “wake up and call your Congress-person”, I don’t know what will. Currently there are nineteen states’ attorney generals suing the FCC over their current decision, and many of the internet’s leading pioneers have also advocated for Congress to completely shut this decision down.

Net Neutrality

Your ISP will block your favorite websites and hold you for ransom.

Unless we’d like to see the above image more often, something must be done very quickly about this bill being pushed to Congress. The FCC is obviously not interested in it’s oath, or the promises it was supposed to fulfill in keeping the American people safe from this sort of economical tyranny, or control over the media/data.

Here is a video of the FCC Chairman joking about being a bought-out shill:

If we as Americans don’t begin fighting for what is right for this country, instead of leaning left or right, into some bullshit ideology, full of bought out, manipulative politicians – we’re fucked.

Time to write to your congressman.