this question about troops from any nationality comes with plenty of thought:

Do you support the troops without question? Maybe you aren’t even American and you’re reading this article, as I’ve found people from all over have reached this website thus far; it’s a pretty colorful retinue of people!

Many do support the troops without question, any time a veteran is in a room, they are generally greeted with thanks, and support of all kinds. (except in certain situations) That does not speak for the support networks, however, of these Veterans, which are unspeakably awful and unkempt when it comes to the mainstream choices in assistance that veterans have when returning from deployment.

an un-ending loop of sacrifice:

We can all respect what every veteran has done, and that is: Sacrifice. Whether that be dignity, morality, a brother, a loved one, there is no doubt- respect is absolutely to be paid to each veteran that comes back from fighting for your nation. The question is not so much: “Do you automatically respect the troops?”; as it should be: “Why do you respect the troops?”

It is not as easy to answer the second question for those who have not pondered on this topic before. As it stands: Some view war as a necessary evil, and that is where blind support and perpetuation of the military industrial complex is seeded. Some men sign up for war solely to defend their nation, or their families, their homes. Some men sign up purely to kill, which is supposedly better out there than within the confines of our current ‘society’. Either way, they are ignorant of their direct perpetuation of an eternal cycle of gratuitous death.

Zero-Sum Game:

Of course, one cannot win by not playing the game of war, as there will undoubtedly be someone who will take advantage of those who are more passive in their endeavors; or ‘less of a threat’, for a lack of better words. All of this of course stems from fear. A fear of the past recurring in some way, shape, or form; but that is also how the past repeats itself.

It is a paradox we are not likely to escape, and one that will take a lot of consideration on the part of every living human being. In-part, society will have to be utterly changed, or collapse entirely for any sort of forward thinking to take place in that regard. As things are with fiat currencies, and a perpetual loop of war for the sake of saving economies, we seem to be in a pretty dire era of living, unbeknownst to most people in America, or really abroad in the world.

Veterans are to be respected, for one reason for another, but it is why you respect them that matters most.

Food for thought.